I have such a diverse range of interests and social media has got them covered - Colour, Art and Design, Interiors, Suppliers,  Buildings, Community issues. The aim of this blog  is to share my work and invite others to share theirs. When you hover over that link you have no idea what hidden gem lies beneath.  I've met some really interesting people on my short journey on the web, and hope to meet many more. I enjoy  sites which tell a story  and genuinely do not presume you will be more interested in me that I am in you. Tell me  about you - what you do? what you make? why, how?  Here is a tiny taste  of some interesting sites-either for what they do, or what they say or how they say it. I will put more on as I go along-as I get better with the technology... any lovely shopfronts/buildings/galleries - I'm always interested in these.  Really look forward to hearing from you.

IMOGEN HEATH - textile designer
OWLS AND PEARS - great blog
CRAIG FREEMAN -  you may need him
LUCIE  SHERIDON - Pearly Shirley  made me smile
SUZI PARK - one to watch
CHRIS SAV - take a peek
PROPER and PRIM -  complete picture