If you wish to feature artwork or the studio/house and need any hi-res images, or would like to borrow work please e-mail or call 0208 299 6647.

What other people's a selection of blog features about my work. Many Thanks to all, really appreciate the kind words.

Life by Lotte
Behind the Brand: Sarah Hamilton Prints Here's a feature by the fabulous Charlotte Duckworth on her blog LIFE by LOTTE. She's an interiors journalist, come novelist,  who writes about everything from homes, beauty, food, and all kinds of other lovely things!

The Morning Edit
"The perfect antidote to the wet British Weather" - an article about my work and social media adventures by THE MORNING EDIT. If you've not explored their blog before  it's a treasure trove of treats for those who love art, craft and homewares.

Triskele Designs
Sparkling Saturday: Sarah Hamilton Prints I was thrilled to be included as one of Katy at Triskele Designs' Sparkling Saturday features. Each week she showcases a different designer or maker and intersperses her own blog with images of her own creative work.

Below The River: South London's Brand New Cultural Guide
Those who know me will know I'm a passionate South-Londoner,  so was happy to wax lyrical for BELOW THE RIVER about all things South of the river in the run-up to the Dulwich Festival. Look carefully in the picture and you can see a sneak preview of my new range of mugs.

Sarah Hamilton press coverage